© Pyrford Homes Ltd & Pyrford Properties Ltd 2011 Click to return to the home page Click for a selection of house builds Click for a selection of new build properties Click for a selection of commercial projects Click for a selection of extensions and conversions Click to see some of our challenges Click to go to contact and about details Click to see our award and news page This process can be used to form building slabs in the ground or as upper floors. The example shown on the left and right is the creation of the slab for the first floor with car parking below for the Guildford flats project. This was achieved using form-work below the slab, consisting of sheets of ply supported by timber bearers and held in place by numerous acro props. Below is the Church in Old Malden were the concrete was poured into steel trays which contained steelwork reinforcement. The steel trays in this case where bolted together and welded in place after being inserted into the web of the steel beams at one end and sitting on the steel beam on the other end. Poured concrete slab Solid concrete floor system Product details       Steel reinforcement 07860 148251 01252 794647 Concrete pumped over large distances