© Pyrford Homes Ltd & Pyrford Properties Ltd 2011 Click to return to the home page Click for a selection of house builds Click for a selection of new build properties Click for a selection of commercial projects Click for a selection of extensions and conversions Click to see some of our challenges Click to go to contact and about details Click to see our award and news page Once eyes where set upon Invergarry there was no turning back - a probate sale so we could start straight away. Strip the inside, block a bit of the outside, add a rear extension and open the house to the garden, Bob’s your uncle. A complete internal makeover moving walls, staircases, rooms and giving a new airy feel to the place. All that was needed then was to renew electrical, plumbing and everything else and you have a new family home for this era. Selling it - no problem, it was sold before it was finished and had bidders trying to prize it from the lucky new owner. La Rigondaine - Hook Heath Extending and renovating “Invergarry” a 1900’s property and creating a modern family home whilst retaining the external street character. Property details           Loft conversion - before and after 07860 148251 01252 794647    Do you need this for storage ? Tight across the hall but it works