© Pyrford Homes Ltd & Pyrford Properties Ltd 2011 Click to return to the home page Click for a selection of house builds Click for a selection of new build properties Click for a selection of commercial projects Click for a selection of extensions and conversions Click to see some of our challenges Click to go to contact and about details Click to see our award and news page We took the house on the left and right and completely stripped it back to naught. We built around the original house and over it creating a stunning property as can be seen below. Apart from the planners the challenges we had were simple. Finishing the property was a satisfactory achievement and all being said we have left another great family home in Hook Heath for the benefit of the community. Onward and upward - it sold in no time - not surprisingly.   South Lynn New build over old ! Room in the roof ! Property details 07860 148251 01252 794647 Roof removed it’s up and coming Almost there, loaded and ready.