© Pyrford Homes Ltd & Pyrford Properties Ltd 2011 Click to return to the home page Click for a selection of house builds Click for a selection of new build properties Click for a selection of commercial projects Click for a selection of extensions and conversions Click to see some of our challenges Click to go to contact and about details Click to see our award and news page Start with a plot of land occupied by one house and you own it. Involve your son who is a major in the army and mostly overseas. Get planning for two houses and hand the ball over to Pyrford. “Simples” as a meerkat would say - not so when the Major orders kitchens, bathrooms etc and we are left to deal with the consequences. Add the fact that he wants to use some of his subcontractors - one whom spends most of his time in his car on the phone to the bookie’s !!! Yes we get challenging clients but all ended well with two great modern homes which went quickly once on the market. Queens Road, Bisley When one equals two Property details       Great use of loft space 07860 148251 01252 794647 Timber a plenty - how green is it ?       A bit of a maze really